Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting the right tour company ..

How to get the right tour operator

Conceivably the most vital thing to look for is reliability and safety. Ask to see the local tour operator’s brochures, licenses and equipment. Also ask for references. While it may be difficult to contact references if you are already in the destination, if you get references while you are still at home, you can call and ask about the tour operator or guide before you leave.

Some local Uganda tour operators and guides will show you letters of praise from foreigners who have used their services. While these may be impressive, be your own judge and listen to your instincts. Ask questions about the route, safety measures, accommodations, etc. If you are concerned, ask your hotel managers and the local tourism office for their assessment or recommendation of a company or Kenya tour guide.

Generally, local Kenya , Uganda or Rwanda tour operators and guides are trustworthy, sincere and hardworking. It’s not in their best interest to cheat or harm travelers: word gets around fast and they will be out of work. Don’t be distrustful, just cautious: you wouldn’t book a 3 day masai mara safari at home without checking things out first, either. And, if you are particularly pleased with a guide’s or tour operator’s services, a tip is appreciated, and so is a positive recommendation for other travelers. Botswana tours

Even independent travelers find that sometimes there are activities they cannot or don’t want to do by themselves–hiking, rafting, or other outdoor activities that require equipment, guides or access to remote locations. Car Rentals Kampala

Finding and choosing reliable local tour operators is not difficult in most cases

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