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Kenya top tourist activities

Kenya is a country with endless possibilities for the active traveler as it offers countless opportunities for discovery and adventure. A Kenya safari does not necessarily mean exploring the nature from an open side's safari vehicle, there are other options available. Here are some of the things a true seeker of the adrenaline rush can do in Kenya. It is a true adventurer's paradise!

Extreme Water Sports Safari , including the masai mara lodge safari - the Kenyan coast and it's beaches are ideal for exploring by boat and the inland freshwater lakes, situated in the Rift Valley offer great opportunities for water skiing, windsurfing and boating.

White Water Rafting Safari- it is considered one of the greatest adventure safaris in Kenya. Kayaking and rafting are relatively new sports in the country, but the possibilities are countless, since the river systems are not only extensive, but also spectacular.

Fishing - The gorgeous lakes and rivers of Kenya are not only rich in birds, but they also provide plenty of opportunities for world-class fishing: from Nile Perch to Trout. Big Game Fishing in the Indian Ocean waters is also very popular, Kenya is considered one of the best places on Earth for this kind of fishing and is also Eco friendly Kenya lodge safari .

Camel Safari - If one wants to explore Kenya in a more unusual way a Camel Safari can provide that. The open side safari vehicle is the traditional way to go, but being on a camel's back is certainly closer to nature and gives the tourist an opportunity to travel like the nomadic tribes. Large herds of single humped camels live in North Kenya and are a traditional way to cross the arid plain lands and deserts through spectacular deep valleys and dry riverbeds.

Horse Back Safari - Since Kenya is a very active horse riding community it provides an excellent opportunity to explore the area up close and personal. We too will use the rocks starting with a refreshing lunch and short rest in our classic roomy safari tents. After lunch they head out on a short walk looking for game and getting a feel for the country. As the sun begins to set you will find ourselves at the crest of Nayusere and there a blanket with drinks and biting. As we enjoy our sundowners we will continue to spot game from our vantage and watch as the baboons come back to roost on the face of the rock. A short descent will find us back in camp for a delicious hardy dinner after your masai mara wildebeest migration safari in kenya .

Day two would be heading out early after breakfast so to see as much game as possible on our walk north towards Camp. Along our walk we will walk across large plains as well as mixed bush. Herds of Zebra, Oryx and Grant's gazelle predominate on the large plains with smaller numbers of Jackson's Hartebeest and Thompson's Gazelle. Kenya beach holidays In the mixed bush we find Dikdik, Gerenuk, Impala and Lesser Kudu if we are lucky enough to see them. We will be at a camp around lunch time. After lunch we will, resting, and later another walk in the evening to a pretty spot for sundowners.

The third day is a busy day heading down toward the Ewaso Nyiro River, which runs along the eastern edge of the Laikipia Plateau and then turns eastward toward Samburu National Reserve.
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Kenya safari holidays and Adventures

Kenya can be African vacation resort the place it is possible for any vacationer to take a visit that is memorable. Adventure Kenya masai mara excursions are only one among the most breathtaking how does somebody determine the magical region, having its wonderful uniqueness associated with wild animals combined with unique local folks. Kenya tourist industry is regarded as complex and so affords countless options just for the tourist. An excellent option to start making your Kenya getaway may be to make contact with a Kenya travel agent and / or searching on the internet for the finest Kenya tour as well as Vacation packages. Kenya safari companies ordinarily promote discount deals along with getaway specials, terribly with just a tiny research it's possible to encounter the most perfect adventure from Kenya that suits your own demands.
There are a number destinations over Kenya holidays that are available from your own local travel agent among around the credited Maasai Mara Ballon Safari to visiting Karen Blixen Museum in accordance with your style, period on vacations and as well , expenses. Safari travels in Kenya can be a successful way of discover wilds and additionally parks within Kenya. A trip to Masai Mara Game Reserve is known as a must at any time you be prepared to hunt for the big five just like lions, leopard, elephant herds, Buffalo then rhinocerous from other sorts of game for example warthog, giraffe, the endangered African wild dog and wildebeest. Tour Kenya in June to the end of July within the Annual Wildebeest migration then you’ll become a part of all the spectacle from moving herds of wildebeest, warthogs in addition to zebras traversing the Mara River. This chance unfolds once a year! A complete Kenya local travel agency will likely plan any deluxe balloon safari, for which you will soar in the hot air balloon hence enjoy the considerable grasslands from as a birds.
Kenya sightseeing attractions is usually a single one Safari Nairobi Kenya Tours possibly quantity day’s schedule to Kenya National Parks or even Game reserves around the country. Nairobi the capital city is additionally a safari city not to be missed when it comes to Kenya one day visits. Allow some time in the Nairobi National Museum or maybe Sheldrick Elephant Orphange Nairobi before you check out various tourist attractions for the country side.Bird Watching across Kenya is an additional excursion naturalists prize. You can find numerous wild birds staying in Kenya but the Pink flamingoes of Lake Naivasha remain great. Safari companies found in Kenya will supply you with the information on the optimum time to see Kenya for just the Kenya migrant birds. Additional lakes in which bird watchers visit also include Lake Victoria found in western Kenya together with the Great Rift Valley lake called Magadi. Fishing can be described as same interest along Lake Victoria for awesome sizes for the Tilapia and Nile Perch, anything you can do around your leisure time.
One particular with all the Kenya safari holiday highlights for any grand adventure vacationer is going to be Mt Kenya Safari Club. Mt Kenya amongst highest glaciated peaks found in Africa but yet doesn’t can rival Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain on nearby Tanzania. Kenya tour specialists may well on hand to arrange Mt. Kilimanjaro mountaineering as a add-on with your Kenya Tanzania holidays. An experience with Kenya vacationers is definitely the Maralal Camel Derby every August in the isolated dry part in northern Kenya, this particular annual race will make you wanting to experience most of the remote north, on top of whether safari journey or a by means of luxury camel caravan. Equally discover Kenya on the annual Lewa Marathon in June.
Kenya Beach safari vacations normally takes that you just the wonderful Kenyan coast that merges all of the peace of mind of most excellent sand beach streets, former pre-colonial cities and excellent water adventures.
Take on dive or sometimes Snorkelling in the Kiunga Marine and National reserve, dive with the dolphins or possibly go on village excursions of each coastal areas similar to Mombasa sea port. A component of luxury Kenya travel plans may possibly be the bunch of luxury Kenya beach hotels, game lodges together with apartment. A few upscale Kenya accommodations are made up of Nairobi Hilton Hotel, Serena Mara Lodge but also self catering apartment amongst a great many other hotels.
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Kenya safari travel Tips

When traveling to Kenya for a Kenya safari it is wise to plan in advance. A trip to Kenya is a lifetime holiday experience. There is so much to see and do that one can get easily overwhelmed by the different places to visit, activities, sights and sounds to be experienced. I intend to provide some useful tips that will help you when planning your safari to Kenya.

While packing your luggage keep in mind Kenya is located near the equator and has a temperate climate. The weather in January to early March is warm and dry with long sunny spells during the day and cool nights. Late March to early May is wet days and nights with sunny spells in between. Nights are cool with light winds. May to October is warm and dry with a cold spell in July to August. The short rains start in late October ending in early December, so when packing keep in mind the weather for your travel season.

Most citizens of Europe and the United States and Middle East countries need a visa to enter Kenya. Visa fee is 50 US Dollars. You can get the tourist visa on arrival at the airport or at the Kenya emb. in your country. Visa information is outlined on the Kenya emb website in United Kingdom this will help you in confirming whether you have fulfilled all requirements to qualify for a Visa. Alternatively, a visa tourist will be issued at the customs desk at the airport, please note you should not have a tight schedule as this may take some time if there are many people on the queue.

Contrary to popular opinion, Kenya is a relatively safe Kenya travel guide destination. While in the major cities of Nairobi, Mombasa or Kisumu, it is important to be alert and conscious of your environment and act as you would in any city in the world. Avoid displays of large amounts of cash and keep your camera close to you. Avoid strolling at night and take a cab, keep your p.port that you will use going to kenya for the masai mara tour , cash and other valuables close to yourself if possible in a hand bag or belt. Kenyan people are very friendly and helpful. Wherever you go whether on safari or on the beach you will make many friends and meet lots of people, of course follow your instincts, amongst the many persons you meet will be some bad apples. If something does not seem right follow your instincts and avoid getting into any sticky situations.

Africans love to bargain, do not purchase an item at the stated price feign disinterest and move away, most of the time, the seller will call you back and offer a lower price, practice your bargaining skills and be a tough customer. Do not buy stuff to please the seller. If you stick to your guns you will most of the time walk away with a great souvenir for half the price initially quoted, these are all part of the memories that you are bound to keep after your budget masai mara .

While on safari in Kenya it is important to discuss with your guide of the next day’s activities over dinner. This is because most people asume driving around the Kenya Masai Mara or other national parks throughout the day will ensure you see most wildlife. This is a false premise. Wildlife generally tends to feed during the cool hours of the morning and evenings, this is true especially for predators. Your kenya tour guide will most likely consent to your request to have a full day game drive so as not to offend you but you end up in the sweltering heat, seeing very few animals and quite cranky before the sun goes down. It’s best to take an early morning game drive starting at sunrise and ending as soon as the sun starts getting warm and an evening game drive two hours before sun set. You are of seeing a lot more wildlife than on a full day wild goose chase! National parks are not zoos, it takes patience and a n experienced eye to see a camouflaged leopard lurking 20 feet above ground on a bushy thorn tree. The last place a novice would look for him.
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