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Kenya top tourist activities

Kenya is a country with endless possibilities for the active traveler as it offers countless opportunities for discovery and adventure. A Kenya safari does not necessarily mean exploring the nature from an open side's safari vehicle, there are other options available. Here are some of the things a true seeker of the adrenaline rush can do in Kenya. It is a true adventurer's paradise!

Extreme Water Sports Safari , including the masai mara lodge safari - the Kenyan coast and it's beaches are ideal for exploring by boat and the inland freshwater lakes, situated in the Rift Valley offer great opportunities for water skiing, windsurfing and boating.

White Water Rafting Safari- it is considered one of the greatest adventure safaris in Kenya. Kayaking and rafting are relatively new sports in the country, but the possibilities are countless, since the river systems are not only extensive, but also spectacular.

Fishing - The gorgeous lakes and rivers of Kenya are not only rich in birds, but they also provide plenty of opportunities for world-class fishing: from Nile Perch to Trout. Big Game Fishing in the Indian Ocean waters is also very popular, Kenya is considered one of the best places on Earth for this kind of fishing and is also Eco friendly Kenya lodge safari .

Camel Safari - If one wants to explore Kenya in a more unusual way a Camel Safari can provide that. The open side safari vehicle is the traditional way to go, but being on a camel's back is certainly closer to nature and gives the tourist an opportunity to travel like the nomadic tribes. Large herds of single humped camels live in North Kenya and are a traditional way to cross the arid plain lands and deserts through spectacular deep valleys and dry riverbeds.

Horse Back Safari - Since Kenya is a very active horse riding community it provides an excellent opportunity to explore the area up close and personal. We too will use the rocks starting with a refreshing lunch and short rest in our classic roomy safari tents. After lunch they head out on a short walk looking for game and getting a feel for the country. As the sun begins to set you will find ourselves at the crest of Nayusere and there a blanket with drinks and biting. As we enjoy our sundowners we will continue to spot game from our vantage and watch as the baboons come back to roost on the face of the rock. A short descent will find us back in camp for a delicious hardy dinner after your masai mara wildebeest migration safari in kenya .

Day two would be heading out early after breakfast so to see as much game as possible on our walk north towards Camp. Along our walk we will walk across large plains as well as mixed bush. Herds of Zebra, Oryx and Grant's gazelle predominate on the large plains with smaller numbers of Jackson's Hartebeest and Thompson's Gazelle. Kenya beach holidays In the mixed bush we find Dikdik, Gerenuk, Impala and Lesser Kudu if we are lucky enough to see them. We will be at a camp around lunch time. After lunch we will, resting, and later another walk in the evening to a pretty spot for sundowners.

The third day is a busy day heading down toward the Ewaso Nyiro River, which runs along the eastern edge of the Laikipia Plateau and then turns eastward toward Samburu National Reserve.
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