Saturday, November 19, 2011

Picking a safari destination , in Africa !!

Safari Holidays are definitely the days carefully picked out in a year where maximum joy and pleasure is sent to your Mind and body ! While designing some holiday plans for your safari vacation in Africa, in case you may have at least ten days that you have budgeted for. Make East Africa a priority for your chance to see undisturbed beauty and scenery of choice. Real fun and exciting moments will be filled with these days of safari in the deep and slippery thick forests of Uganda. Different packages from the planners make us to have a flexible choice in selecting the correct one. Highlights of these trips are the chimpanzee trekking , gorilla tracking and the boating activities in the Nile River yields extreme splendor to the tourists. Different interesting task are available with this Uganda safaris make a high degree of satisfaction.

For an ultimately well planned and organized safari tour in Uganda , Rwanda , Kenya , Tanzania and Congo be sure to contact the skilled and well experienced safari tour operators , Like the acclaimed Uganda tour operator of 2011.The Uganda safari trips to the interior of theses dense forests like the Bwindi national park impenetrable forest where one of the worlds endangered species of the mountain gorillas are found , the Silver back gorillas.Most safari tour companies have different schedules for group holidays within East Africa.One can see a gang of buffaloes, hippos, elephants and giraffes in this trip. Boating in Nile River is a great gift for all the tourists as they can have the chance of seeing thousands of hippos and great Nile crocodiles. Number of national parks located nearby these forests reserves huge collection of flora and fauna. Bwindi, a place named for the greatest collection of bird species. One can have the chance of visiting the tribal village of Africa and enjoy the cultural beauty of this country.gorilla safaris trekking is an important event tied with great pleasure for all the tourists. Quite a great collection of African Apes can be seen in a custom tour in Uganda , Congo or Rwanda.on a trek through the mountains or the impenetrable forests to see the gorillas you will finally be rewarded with an hour of gorilla watching , though there are rules that are to be adhered to once you are in their midst ,say for example no camera's with flashes on them.One is also not allowed to look into the eyes of a gorilla , especially a male one or the dominant Male. All these and more in your East African Safari adventure.

Masai mara safari

Masai mara wildebeest migration

Mountain gorilla Rwanda

Trekking mountain gorillas

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  1. Very good information, as a traveler I have experienced the only wildlife destination of Jim Corbett National Park