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Wildebest Migration 2010 Kenya Tanzania Safari tours

East Africa is a region of all talents with outstanding attractions such as the Might River Nile and its source in Uganda, the Kilimanjaro mountains in Tanzania and the Masai in Kenya,wildebeest migration kenya. You will explore East Africa but your tour will not be complete if you miss out on the great wildebeest migration in Tanzania or Kenya.

Each year around 1.5 million wildebeest and 300,000 zebra (along with other antelope) gather up their young and start their long trek from Tanzania's Serengeti Plains, further north to Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve. This is an annual natural occurrence that takes place in Kenya and Tanzania and is believed to be the greatest wildlife show on planet earth. Between the open plains of the Serengeti and the Masai Mara kenya, big herds wildebeest and zebras migrate to palatable pastures as the seasons change. Predators follow the Wildebeest Migration closely, waiting for an opportunity to feast on weak animals especially the ungulates.kenya tour

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The annual Wildebeest Migration is a very unpredictable and spontaneous as its timing keeps on changing depending on the rains (Weather pattern). It is believed that 450 animal species move for 300 miles in this migration unfortunately a lot of them don’t make it, falling prey to lions, leopards, crocodiles and drowning in the Mara River. This event is like a circle that repeats it self every year.Serengeti crater safari tour
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One of the most breath taking sights of the migration is when the herds congregate to cross the Grumeti River (Tanzania) and the Mara River (Kenya) from July through September. As the herds cross, crocodiles are lying in wait for any puny and feeble ungulates that can't deal with the strong currents or separate from their mothers.
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But the river crossings aren't the only scene. Just witnessing thousands of animals on the plains is a sight in itself. It’s so amazing to watch the Lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs follow the herds and give safari goers excellent chances of seeing a kill in action.ngorongoro crater safari

The great wildebeest migration is dynamic changing in time and location but the following information can be used as a guideline.

In December through March large herds of wildebeest, Zebra and other ungulates camp in the Serengeti plains and the Ngorongoro Conservation areas in northern Tanzania.Kenya tanzania safari. This is time is for calving which term is used for giving birth to the wildebeest young ones (calves). Most of the wildebeest calves are born in just a three week period, usually the beginning of February. Calves attract predators and this is an amazing time of year to watch impressive lion hunts (kills). It's also quite stunning to see almost half a million little wildebeest being born and running together with their mothers.
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During this time you can watch the migration from southern Ndutu and Salei plains. For your accommodation you can stay in Ndutu Safari Lodge, Kusini Camp, Lemala Ndutu Camp and any mobile tented camps in the area.Masai mara flying safari

Kenya safari holiday .By April/May the herds embark on moving west and north to the now flourishing grasses and woodlands of the Serengeti’s western Corridor. The rains during this time of year make it difficult to follow the herds at this stage of their migration. Many of Tanzania's smaller camps/accommodations shut down due to impassable/slippery roads.Kenya camping safaris

By the end of May, as the rainy season comes to an end, the wildebeest and zebra slowly start moving northwards and individual groups begin to gather and form much larger herds. This is also the time the wildebeest mate. Western Serengeti is the best place to watch the migration unfold.
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By July the herds reach their first big hindrance, the Grumeti River. The Grumeti River can get deep in places, more so if the rains have been heavy. This is the first of the stunning river ,crossings you can observe. The depth of the river makes drowning a distinct possibility for many wildebeest and there are a lot of crocodiles to take advantage of their distress. The best places to stay during this stunning experience are the Serengeti Serena, Grumeti River Camp, Migration Camp and Kirawira Camp. Seronera and Moru area campsites are the best for those on a budget. Kleins Camp is also perfectly situated.tanzania ngorongoro wildlife tours

By late July, by this time the herds now head for Kenya, the grasses of the western Serengeti are yellowing and the herds continue north. After crossing the Grumeti River in Tanzania the wildebeest and zebra head to Lamai Wedge and the Mara Triangle in Kenya. Before they reach the green plains of the Mara, they have to cross the Mara River which is also filled with hungry crocodiles.kenya beach holiday

The best accommodations to watch from the migrating wildebeest cross the Mara River include CC Africa's Kichwa Tembo and Bataleur Camps, the Mara Serena Safari Lodge, and Sayari Mara Camp.3 day kenya safaris.

September through November, the Mara plains are packed to capacity with large herds of ungulates, naturally followed by predators.Gorilla safari holidays

Best places to stay while the migration is in the Mara include the Governors camps and Mara Serena Safari Lodge. In Tanzania, the Kirawira camp, Migration Camp, and Grumeti River Camp and many other camps in and outside Masai Mara national park.

By November/December the rains start in the south (Serengeti) again and the herds embark on their long trek down to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania to have their young (calving). This particular part of the migration can be best watched from Lobo Wildlife Lodge and Klein’s Camp.
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According to the wildebeest movement as detailed above, migration safaris can be conducted from December to March in different places and time on the migration circuit.East African gorillas.
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