Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 Kenya Safari Holidays

The world today has loads to offer, that no body can fully cover from the comfort of their own homes or from the Discovery channel ,or may be even the Travel channel.Some of these luxuries have to be experienced rather than being talked about.Sometimes it may not be as easy as most people who may want to are always working to ensure that bills are made and generally make a living.So once you get your leave or vacation , make sure your first destination is a Kenya safari holiday.

Kenya as a safari destination is located in East africa. It is a country that has very many Kenya tourist attractions. It is Know by many to be the cradle of mankind as there were many findings of our ancestral remains of early man.For this reason and many more it has been voted one of the best African Safari holiday getaway destinations in the world.Another prime reason is the wealth of wildlife and since it has such a favourable climatic condition , ti can there fore support a large variety of animal species. The Game is normally in reserved areas known to most as game parks or game reserves.These areas are usually far from human activity areas.Example of some of the well known game parks are Amboseli national park , the masai mara national park , Tsavo National park , Nairobi National park and many more.

When on safari you get to view the seventh wonder of the world. The great wildebeest migration which happens in the maasai mara game reserve. The landscape there is also breathtaking. Beautiful and endless savannah grasslands filled with wildlife leading a normal life away from the hustle and interference from humans.

Other Parks and game reservers have also unique things to offer.For example in Lake Nakuru national park we have the popular flamingoes , Elephants in the amboseli and Great rift valley area.The beautiful scenery of the highlands of the savannah and the white impeccably attractive white sandy beaches on the Kenyan coast plus many others.

As stated above, each attraction is unique and therefore you are bound to be interested all through. You also get to live in the best tourist Kenya hotels in the world during your safaris which also adds to the whole experience

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