Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Uganda and Rwanda, who has cheaper Gorilla tours

Gorillas are unique and almost extinct creatures that are almost everyone’s must see before they die. If you asked for my opinion, I would say Uganda’s Gorilla tours are cheaper compared to the one for Rwanda of the reasons you will find below.However judging from statistics , rwanda sells more gorilla tours than rwanda.It is an important phrase that they say...."conserving for generations" by the Uganda Wildlife Society. There is aneed for a limited number of people tracking gorillas per day per family. This what we mean when we say that tourism in Africa is heading towards conserving the environment and the Living creatures that live in it.Gorillas are no exception.With approximately 700 gorillas left in this grean earth today. gorilla safari Conservational Tourism is the Way to go , !!

Rwanda has few accommodation units which gives the owners a chance to charge as high as they desire and some of their lodge charge in Euros. Rwanda gorilla trekking

There are not as many tour operators in Rwanda as is in Uganda which gives them the tourist less alternatives.

Uganda has as a number of Gorilla families with 5 in Bwindi and 2 in Mgahinga (currently in Congo) which gives a tourist big chances of viewing the gorillas at once and not stand chances of missing them hence another day of stay. Bwindi gorilla tours

However, the Gorilla permits have a standard fee of US$ 500, and US$ 475 for Non residents and foreign residents respectively. This fee is the similar in all the 3 Gorilla countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

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  1. There are two packages in the uganda safari for gorilla trekking. Both the gorilla safaris in uganda packages are really very cheap, particularly compare to the uganda and Rwanda the uganda safari is the cheap one for gorilla trekking.