Monday, January 24, 2011

The Trip to Mountain Rwenzori

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Mountain Rwenzoris famously known as the mountains of the moons are found a few kilo meters north of the equator, rising over 4000m above the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley, is the highest mountain in Uganda. The region's glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa's most beautiful alpine areas. The mountains have amazing flora and fauna which includes Buffalo, bushbuck, chimpanzee, Elephant, giant forest hog, and leopard are present although rare. To hike the great mountains you require a minimum of Seven days for a rewarding hike. However 10 days is the best for the hike to the peak (Margherita: 5109 m). The Rwenzori range has 6 major peaks, Mt Stanley (5,109m), Mt Speke (4,890m) Mt Baker (4,843m), Mt Emin (4,798m), Mt Gessi (4,715m) and Mt Luigi di Savoia (4,627m). The highest peak in the Mt Stanley complex is called Margherita peak (5,109) and it is this peak which makes the Rwenzori Mountains the 3rd highest range in Africa. However, Mountaineering is a popular attraction to the visitor who love the snow capped peaks of mount Rwenzori and mount Elgon. These mountaineering destinations offer the best of Africa safari.

As tourists take there ample time and let the mountains of the moon set the pace of there African journey, the Uganda Wild life Authority (UWA) is organising a seven-day trip to Rwenzori Mountains to increase awareness about Uganda’s tourism potential among Ugandans. The trip code-named ‘Trip to the moon,’ it will begin on Tuesday, January 18 and end on Wednesday January, 26. It will begin with a cultural ceremony at Ibanda-Bugoye, in Kasese district on 19th, January, 2011.The trek team will then move to the Mountains of the Moon led by the Rwenzururu cultural leader, His Majesty Omusinga Charles Mumbere, accompanied by representatives of several NGOs, associations and media houses. The team comprises staff from the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, members of the Association of Uganda Tourist Operators, Uganda Tourist Board, representatives of the United States Aid for International Development-Sustainable Tourism in the Albertine Rift, as well as various media houses. The trekkers will first camp at Muhinga Nyabithaba camp. tours in rwanda

Still, Mumbere will among other things sign a memorandum of understanding with the UWA team, which will officially allow the kingdom to perform cultural activities and related duties at the Bulemba sacred site. The site houses the remains of Bukonzo’s first king, Isaiah Mukirinia Kibanzanga. Mumbere will also open the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services building at Nyabithaba camp before continuing with the trek to Magherita peak. Rwanda travel tips

Raymond Engena, the Uganda Wildlife Authority concessions manager, said the trip was intended to appreciate and market the beauty and opportunities within the Rwenzori Mountains. Though it is also aimed at encouraging mountain climbing as a recreational activity among Ugandans, many Ugandans unfortunately may not understand the several pleasure of relaxing outside the other regions of the countries tourism pleasure but here is a great offer to enjoy the Uganda’s tourism pleasures at mountain Rwenzori.Don’t miss. 3 days masai mara safari kenya

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