Sunday, July 4, 2010

Customer satisfaction leads to loyalty

All customers in the business world look for finest places in which they can get the best services to quench there thirsty. Besides, customer satisfaction, measures how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation and also seen as the key performance indicator within business and is part of the four of a Balanced Score for the business success. Customer perceptions are what indicate whether you have achieved satisfaction or not. In other words, they represent stepping stones along a continuum. Perceptions accumulate over time and gradually equate to either satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In Tourism industry, the job of tour operators, travel agencies is to understand and act on the customer perceptions so that the final result is customer satisfaction. kenya beach holiday
However, satisfaction may lead to loyalty. But loyalty is an option among many choices. Being using a royal tour company and using a satisfied tour company are clearly two different things. Researchers say customers love in compartments while services providers love customers as a whole. This means that customers love there service providers because of there expertise and organizing ability which is unique. Thus, at the same time he/she can decide to get another service provider while still showing trust in the first service provider for her good customer handling services.

The scenario painted makes me wonder if it is true to say that the customer is satisfied whereas the service provider is loyal. Cut back to events around us. The recent Mangalore Air India crash and the Kenya Airways one a while back would have any nerve-wrecked flier put their hands to their hearts and vow never to fly either airline again. But does that happen? Other forces come in play like price, time, service, crash records, probability factors and before we know it, off we go with the same airline. What is the driver? Is it loyalty or is it satisfaction? kenya family safari

When the same people have to travel between Mangalore to Dubai they have no option as only one flight is on that route. For marketers, this is a point to note as it spells out that because consumers use your service daily, that does not mean they are loyal to it neither does it mean they are satisfied with it. All it spells is opportunity for someone else to come in and take your market while you are busy measuring loyalty.
Closer to home, road accidents are heard of every day. Yet a man wakes up in the morning going to look for his daily bread and will use the same route and the same means of transport. Is that loyalty towards earning or satisfaction that he is doing something with his life.

The same scenario to when you are shopping in your area and want to buy water among other things. This time round you will pick your brand of choice which is driven by your loyalty to it. There fore, Satisfaction is one of the needs that every living thing lives by. Be it satisfaction of a meal, satisfaction of having slept well or satisfaction of buying a brand that gives you value for money. Yet on the other hand you have loyalty or devotion that is linked to faith. Faith comes from the promise made by the brand, emotion or relationship. Satisfaction is brought about by a feeling of contentment whilst loyalty is tied with dependability. kenya cultural safari

Meanwhile in the Tourism industry, we measure our on time delivery, customer complaints, customer rejects as well as the touchy feely customer perception from the daily contact we have with our customers. It does not always pile up that good delivery and good quality makes a good customer perception and vice versa. Houses on sale in nairobi kenya For example, the customer may perceive us as unhelpful if they do not reschedule orders quickly enough for them (even if unreasonable) or give enough support to their design team even though they deliver what they order on time with no faults.

Alternatively, customer’s perception of the service provider can be good even though they are late on delivery or have quality problems. Thus, they react to those problems and are seen to be doing everything which put them right. At the end of the day perception is the overriding 'measure' because new orders are more often placed based on the perception of the customer rather than on the actual delivery and quality statistics. While each approach has its application, customer perception is king and the customer’s evaluation is what matters most. kenya safaris africa


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